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"I know I do not know anything and even that I don’t know." Socrates;
"Knowledge is fulfillment - knowing is to be." Osho

Quotes about people’s wish to know and to know themselves and also about the importance of knowledge could continue. But we are sure that once you are on this page you know all that and you just want to know yourself as good as possible. That will happen if you go through these 33 tests and online applications that we offer you.

So you have the tools available for decryption of the personality, finding out the truth about the human being and about how he reacts in human relationships. You will also find out the way the other people perceive you in different situations, you have the power of knowledge on both yourself and others. You can test different skills, capabilities, you understand why you are in a certain way and what you should do to be in a different way. You will discover certain native qualities and learn how to put them into value. Nothing in YOUR SELF will remain unexplored. Psychology, parapsychology, astrology, numerology and at last but not at least sociology, along with other science gathers here for you to know yourself, to analyze, to discover, to understand yourself as best as possible.

In less than an hour human nature will not be an unknown anymore, your personality will be welldefined and valued for. There will be no questions to mind you, you will only have answers that will help you change your life and see reality with new eyes. You have 3 sets of tests available and applications explicitly grouped. We highly recommend you go through all and in the order presented below.


Personality Tests01. Are you happy with yourself?
Above all we must not neglect perhaps the most important aspect of life, self-satisfaction. This index shows us first how balanced we are in relationships with ourselves, then it may be the answer to many questions about how we interact with others, with our work and not least with our family. So now find out and remove a possible cause of various everyday problems: unexplained strain, inexcusably tension, anxiety, depression, failure. Start the test now, click here!

Personality Tests02. You know how to fight your own inhibitions?
We all have a lesser or greater number some inhibitions, nothing particularly bad down here. But how we try and moreover how we manage to overcome these inhibitions is very important. Capital question that arises here is: "Do we know how to fight our inhibitions?". Find the answer to that question today going through the following test - click here!

Personality Tests03. You know how to establish interpersonal relationships?
Relationships between people - this is a subject that was debated in thousands of ways. We interact with people whom we divide into different categories (family, friends, work colleagues, business partners, simple acquaintances, strangers, enemies etc). And with each of them we interrelate in a different way. Because we keep on talking mainly about success, we can say that successful relationships are those interpersonal relations linked between people who communicate well with each other (verbally and non-verbal). In fact, the main reason people stay together in quality relationships is that they can talk and can listen to each other with honesty, openness and conviction based on trustfull persons. But do you know how to set human retaliation?... This is another question that has its answer here, all you have to do is go through the following test honestly, start now, click here!

Personality Tests04. Are there motivating factors in your work?
Work has meant the evolution throughout human history, but also work can be involution. It's all about a single issue: the motivation that human being gets when working. Find out if you are on a personal evolution plan of performing your daily work, or on the contrary. Find out if your subconscious as well is really motivated in the activities at the workplace. Now is the time to understand the cause of professional success or failure and take necessary action. For this, scroll the next test, click here

Personality Tests05. Find out what profession suits you?
In life we do not always do what we love, from here we get the unfulfillment, continuous stress and all that it can go from here. The profession that we choose or that you can practice could connection with our health because while we don’t practice that profession that suits us, that one we were "programmed" at birth, we can catch multiple diseases, inexplicable at first sight.

That is why it is very important for find out right now which is the most suitable profession for you.

There are so may professions in the world and it can be very difficult to make the right decision. For instance, you might have a creative and artistic nature and only the circumstances prevent you from becoming a show-biz star. Your character and qualities are in the right combination that should influence you while choosing a profession.

To find out for sure which profession suits you best, all you have to do is to answer this test’s questions. Find out what profession suits you best, click here!

Personality Tests06. Are you (could you be) a good manager?
This is another question in response to which you have dozens of answers. This test is useful for both managers who lead (or are preparing themselves to lead) various companies, but also ordinary people, those who "manage" their own or family budget. Start now this test to find out if, where, how and why you're making mistakes . Thus you will find out what is to be done so you meet certain performance which will lead you to better management of human and / or material resources, your company’s or family’s. To begin the test click here!

Personality Tests07. Do you know how to value the money?
In the materialistic world we live in, either we want or we don’t, MONEY is that who make the difference between you and others, but also between yesterday’s you and today’s you, but especially to that of tomorrow ... "Do you cherish your money?". Find the answer now and you will know how to keep it and especially how to multiply it. You will find out if somehow you make unnecessary expenditure which, if you eliminate, it will lead to an increased personal budget and you will find out if you manage well this budget and, moreover, how to increase it without effort. Start the test, click here!

Personality Tests08. Which hemisphere of your brain prevail?
Here's an essential question for precise shaping of a personality.

After B. Edwards, the characteristics of the cerebral hemispheres are:

The left hemisphere:
Verbal: Using words to name, define, describe
Analytical: discovers things step by step, element by element
Symbolic: uses things instead of the symbol
Abstract: extracts an information using it to represent everything
Temporal: uses time, organizes things sequentially, executing them in order
Rational: draws conclusions based on facts and reasoning
Numeric (digital): uses numbers and their use
Logical: draws conclusions based on logical organization
Linear: thinks in terms of ideas related to each other - convergent thinking

Right Hemisphere:
Nonverbal: makes minimum connections with words, has the consciousnessof things
Synthetic: puts things together to form the whole
Material: it relates to things as they are nowadays
Analog: sees the link between things, understands the metaphors
Timeless: it doesn’t have the sense of time
Nonrational: it doesn’t need facts and reasoning, showing a tendency not to judge everything
Spacial: sees the objects in relation to each other and as parts that make up the entire
Intuitively: he moves from impressions, feelings, visual images, proceeding by leaps in making decisions in a problem
Overall: it perceives the entire, the combination of parts - divergent thinking

Another distinction was made by JF Lavach which highlighted the specific knowledge through the two hemispheres (M. Roco, 1995, p. 116).

The left hemisphere:
controls the right side
verbal / numeric
logical / vertical
time line
sequential / ordered
analytically, the parties arranging
facts / reality

Right Hemisphere:
controls the left side of body
visual / spatial
perceptual / sensory / lateral thinking
space, infinity
spontaneous / creative
gestalt, the whole view
metaphoric / symbolic
dream / fantasy / mystical

Find out unknown things about yourself right now by honestly answering the questions of this test click here!

Personality Tests09. You are a mature person?
It's time to talk about maturity. This can occur at different ages or never really. Of course you often asked yourself whether or not you are a mature person, in case you have not done it, you should. The answer is crucial because it will bring (as most of the tests we offer) dozens of asweres to questions put or not put up yet. It is time to find out in which point of maturity you are now and thus better understand everything. After this test you will see yourself in a different light.. Start the test now,click here!

Personality Tests10. Are you a romantic person?
"Romance is the spell that turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze." said Elinor Glyn.
Romanticism is an artistic and philosophical movement occurred in the last decades of the eighteenth century in Europe, and lasted much of the nineteenth century. Today, "officially" there are no more romantic persons or they are endangered, but the ladies and young ladies put even greater value on romantic males, sometimes even without realizing some of their gestures flatter, like, draw attention. Romantic persons are far more sensitive and have an increased emotional and psychological capacity. Some of us are born to be romantic, but others the opposite. Are you a romantic person?... Here's a question we highly recommend you to go through the following test to find out the answer, click here!

Personality Tests11. Are you an authoritative person?
In some situations it is better to impose our authority, but do we have a real authority?... Do we know how to impose one?... or we risk embarrassment and laugh behind us? Here are some questions you should ask ourselves whether we are a parent who wants to impose authority in front of the children, whether we are an authoritarian teacher who wants to stand up in front of undisciplined students, especially if we are in a leadership position or we aim a managerial post. To find out the answer to these questions, complete the following test, click here!

Personality Tests12. Are you a nonconformist person?
It is known that most of the people are conformists. People need conformism, some authors say. Many institutions rely on this human quality of people. But not the PROGRESS - nonconformists’ privilege. Modern science is based on the individualism, on the desire of some people to make absolutely unique things, which no one has ever done before them. Don’t you think it is interesting to find out on which side of the barricades you are - you are one of those conformists, those who preserve things, or nonconformists, those who make things move? To learn another truth about you, click here!

Personality Tests13. Are you a strong person?
Nowadays, only those who have a strong temperament can overcome the hardship of daily life, can get where others don’t even dream, and especially can maintain themselves in some important positions. Face the truth - find out now if you're a strong personality, what stops you from being one and how to channel your energy to strengthen your personality. Start this relevant relevant, click here!

Personality Tests14. How others perceive you?
The following test propose you a double line analysis of your character:

On one hand, you will find out how people you interact with perceive you, on the other hand you will find out how exactly you are. A psychological test with a double result that will help you understand why sometimes the others behave in a certain way in your presence and at the same time you get a perfect image of your nature and personality.

Take this test now and you will find out how you are perceived in the family, community, society and how you really are. Start the test, click here!

Personality Tests15. Are you a person long-life person?
Forecast of the date of death is not a macabre joke or an attempt to scare you. Test results will help you live your life to the fullest and take everything from it.

Am I a long life person?... I wonder how long it will be my life?... Here are two questions that we all ask ourselves. This test will bring an answer to these worries.

The forecast we used to calculate the date of death is very close to reality - based on a method that is the result of several specialized researches. Genetics, vices and certain factors that are not related to you are the string of cases, the effect of which is the length of your life.

This test is not based on coffee cup reading or in the stars reading. It is a logic diagram of your life. Serious and honest answers to the questions will help you get a correct answer. Start the test now, click here!

Personality Tests16. Can you quit smoking without effort?
Smoking is no longer in fashion, there is little benefit in return, but a long list of minuses.

Each smoker has his own pattern, each one needs a different set of recomandations to quit this vice because each one is unique. How to give up smoking, however, especially in a short time and without any effort, here's what you'll find out if you take the next test conducted by smokers' drug rehabilitation specialists, start the test now, click here!

Personality Tests17. (For ladies) How men see you?
It is known that a man’s looking is great. How to find out what men are really thinking when they watch you? Simple - take this test now!

How do men see you?... we are sure you want to know.

We know that there is no woman not to be sexy in one way or another - the secret lies in the association of the spirit with the physical form. Although there is a prejudice that a woman must be beautiful (and there is no harm in her looking as best as possible), it is strange that some physical defects can enhance their sexy nature. It is said that Cleopatra's nose was too big (Barbara Streisand’s certainly it is not too small) but that didn’t prevent her from having a huge success between the most famous men of her time. Barbara Streisand is definitely a sexy woman who enhances the qualities in a glamorous and feminine behavior. Each in her own way, however, because in this area each has a footprint that makes her unique...

Therefore do not waste any more time, learn the truth (you may have a surprise). Maybe you're not perceived by the opposite sex just like a sexy diva but in reality things can be different, and then there is no point in you having complex or, on the contrary, you may believe that everyone is admiring you, but it is not quite so. And in this case it's good for you to know the reality in order to correct it. Start the test, click here!

Personality Tests18. Reaction speed test
It is not the case for us to talk here about the vital importance of time, an individual’s speed reaction, it is clear for everyone that it can even save your life under certain circumstances.

But... how good is your speed of reaction to a visual stimulus? That's a question that certainly has its place here. Measure your time for free, your speed of response to a visual stimulus by taking the following test, click here!

IQ Test19. IQ Test
IQ tests are used not only in education and human resources. Knowing your IQ, you can find your potential and to define the ways to develop it further.

Intelligence quotient is a general number that shows the ability of human of thinking, its ability in solving problems. IQ does not depend on the marks you had at school or college, or on the numbers of the books you read. The ability of constructively thinking and making decisions is a result of the harmonious development of personality. We propose a double IQ test - a test in two steps: first based on your native intelligence, on logic and mathematics, and a second phase that will evaluate your visual intelligence. Besides taking this test you will estimate your potential, you can have an idea about the direction you should further improve. Test your IQ online, click here!


Psychological Tests, Tests For Couples01. Couple Compatibility Test
You are a perfect couple, or between you is just a flirt?
Test your compatibility with the loved one and build a stable and better relationship!
Are you a compatible couple?

The man and woman - there is a pair, but it is impossible to live in harmony with a person who is not your half. By taking this test and answering as honestly as possible to the questions as a couple, you will find out your compatibility level. Who knows, maybe the problems you might have can be solved only with a little effort. Or maybe you want to become closer? There is no limit of the perfection, especially in love.

Take this test, together or separately, the test results will shed light on some discrepancies between you and your partener if they exist and thus you can remove the possible existing problems in your couple. So, do understand and remove everything that prevents you from being a perfect pair. Start the test now, click here!

Psychological Tests, Tests For Couples02. Loyalty Test... are you cheated?
Do you want to know for sure how stable is your relationship now, and if your couple is far from infidelity?
You can find out the answer without long discussions or inner turmoil, pure and simple, by taking this online test.
Even if you have a seemingly perfect relationship, remember that you never know what lies in the subconscious of the other person... But based on psychological tests and answers, you can find out the current situation and you can determine if everything is clear in your relationship. Maybe from infidelity you can be separated only by a step or the person you love has already made a step in the wrong direction. But maybe there is a chance to correct things before it's too late, a chance that love to be saved and not be put in the embarrassing situation of someone who is cheated, hiddenly or not.

So, if you suspect that you are put horns and if you want to know the truth, take this test right now, click here!

Psychological Tests, Tests For Couples03. Sexual Compatibility Test
Sexual compatibility comes from physical, emotional and psychological intimacy of the couple.

But how important is sexual compatibility in a relationship?... Specialized studies offer a possible answer: if any, it counts at a rate of 20%, when there is none, it counts 80%.

Here is how important can be this test for your relationship. It is possible to believe that everything works perfectly and that's because your half, for some reason, it will leave this impression. But the test result will reveal whether or not you are sexually compatible. Do not neglect that it is an essential aspect of couple life and if something does not work very well here probably inexplicable tensions, but with their roots here, may arise between you two. Take this test, find out the truth and if there are problems solve them as quickly as possible. Start the test now, click here.

Psychological Tests, Tests For Couples04. Find out if your loved one loves you
We all know how frustrating it is to love without knowing if your loved one responds your feelings. People have invented all sorts of tricks to find out the answer to this question.

What we offer you is not a trick or a game, is a test that once passed will give you an honest answer to the question "Does he/she love me?... loves me not?...". Stop wasting time and put an end to your inner turmoil, take the test now and find out the truth, click here.

Psychological Tests, Tests For Couples05. Do you manage the conflicts of your couple?
Basically there is no couple without conflicts (bigger or smaller). About their cause we have discussed in the presentation of the online tests we offer here - tests that can help you understand the causes of couple problems and overcome them. This test aims to offer you an overview on how you know or should know how to manage these conflicts. It's easy to guess that a small conflict emerged as today if it is not managed properly can become the spark that ignites the blaze that unsupervised can turn into ashes at some point any relationship, however strong it may seem.

Avoid this situation, find out now if you know how to properly manage conflicts in your couple. Begin the test, click here!

Psychological Tests, Tests For Couples06. Your half is a selfish person?
In the top of the reasons that lead, at some point, to the erosion and destruction of a couple relationships, we find the selfishness.

Have you ever wondered if things do not go as you want in your marriage or your relationship just because the other half gives proof of selfishness?...

To remove a cause, first we need to determine it. So, take this test and you will find out exactly if the person you love is the selfish one in your couple.

Thus you will remove one more obstacle in the way of the perfect relationship. Start the test now, click here!

Psychological Tests, Tests For Couples07. Is your half a material person?
We don’t aim to answer the question "It is good or bad to be a material person, especially in these times?". All we suggest is a test that will help you clearly determine if your half is a material person. How important is this issue in a marriage or relationship will let you decide on, the test result can be one of major importance for you. Start your test now, click here!

Psychological Tests, Tests For Couples08. Are you a jealous person?
"I go for scenes because I love her/him", is a line often heard. But is this the case or jealousy is determined and maintained by other factors?

Jealousy is rooted in a dose of disbelief, determined by such situations that make a person to be disappointed. Past trauma (experienced or imagined) don’t need to bring any further excuses for the following situations, because that means to reiterate moments already consumed, and thus to compare people.

They say that jealousy is necessary in a relationship, but must be properly understood the boundary between normal jealousy and excessive jealousy. So, sometimes jealousy can often maintain a relationship, but often it can destroy it.

Step through the following test to see if you are a jealous person and understand what limits you need to keep for not risking an irreparable rift in your relationship. Start test now, click here!


Astrology, Numerology, Chinese Zodiac01. Find out who you were in a previous life
"Who was I a previous life: a warrior, a poet, a courtesan, a priest?... and when, where did I live?..." These are questions that concern us all, whether or not we believe in reincarnation.

However the reincarnation chain that a person has is not a story. Multiple evidence show us that we have lived before. Otherwise, where from out feelings of deja vu or things that you know, although you shouldn't?

We will help you remember who you were in a previous life.

The most remarkable person in the cycle lives influences the life you have now. So, it is in your best interest that you present life to serve as a starting point for new lives ahead. Remember the past, learn how to live today and get ready for the future reincarnations, click here!

Astrology, Numerology, Chinese Zodiac02. Find out if you have psychic powers
Did it happen to you to predict events and to feel subconsciously correct answers to certain questions? Test your psychics skills online!

Each of us has inexplicable paranormal abilities to one degree or another. Weak, medium or even large - find their level with this test. Extrasensory abilities are not something unclear or mystical. Once there is a harmonious relation between the person and Earth's electromagnetic field, basically, you can have the control on reality.

Answer the test questions, do not use any logic - just subconscious. Start the test now, click here!

Astrology, Numerology, Chinese Zodiac03. Find out what's next
Astrology is defined as a group of systems that deals with the study of the influence of cosmic objects, usually stars and planets, have on human life. The position of the sun, stars, moon and planets at the birth moment of a person shapes that person’s personality. It affects and predicts events and relationships, but also the material status, success and failure in a certain time or another during the life.

The application we offer here just transformes everything into a strictly mathematical calculation of probabilities that a certain event to happen in your life or not, depending on your birth, so the astral influence and circumstances under which you were born. Find out what's next, click here!

Astrology, Numerology, Chinese Zodiac04. Find out your lucky lottery numbers
The vibration of birth is a number that will characterize and will affect your life.

Numerology is the study of numbers that determine and reflect the characteristics, talents, motivations and path in life. The Number of Destiny is "encrypted" in the figures which form the date of birth.

Our application will find for you, on a more complicated mathematical calculation, your LUCKY NUMBERS. We shall put in an equation the influence of planets on your birth date, your destiny number and location of stars as of today, thus finding out 6 numbers that can radically change your destiny, all you need to do is to keep them in mind for the next period of time. Most people will play these six lotto numbers and there's nothing wrong with that, we still recommend you keep them in mind in other situations as well.

In addition, we will offer you a simple formula to easily calculate for you and for those close to you the Destiny Number and also the significance of each one. Find out your six lucky numbers now. click here!

Astrology, Numerology, Chinese Zodiac05. Influence of your birthday
Few people realize that their destiny is marked not only by the zodiac sign under which they were born.

Not to be neglected, there is also the influence of the day of the week - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... in which we were born and also that of the month. In other words a perfect knowledge of what to expect in life: us and money, us and love, us and health, us and the profession. It is imperative to know what was dictated to us on the day we were born.

The following application will tell you what day of the week you were born, what influence it has on your life both materially and spiritually, as well as the features outlined on our fate by the the day of the month when you came into this world. Step forward to the absolute self-knowledge, click here!

Astrology, Numerology, Chinese Zodiac06. Chinese zodiac and your destiny
From China we have an ancient legend that says that at the beginning of the first lunar cycle, Buddha invited all the animals in his kingdom to celebrate together the Chinese new year.

However, only 12 animals came before the divinity, they come in the following order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rooster, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Dog and Boar. Buddha was very pleased with the conduct of the twelve animals that immediateky answered his call and decided to reward them, by giving each one of them a year.

Beyond this ancient legend, the Chinese Zodiac is one of the most important tools of astrological knowledge, perhaps the most important.

The ancient Chinese art of astrology has fascinated over the time by the given possibility to meet the future. While European zodiac separates the time in months, the Chinese established the zodiac after years, the 12 signs being the 12 animals that came to the call of Buddha, each one corresponding one year, which is assigned to the features of the respective sign.

Each sign also corresponds, in turn, one by one, elements of the five theorized by the Chinese, namely Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth - each one of them being differently involved in shaping the profile of some person. Each element is in the Chinese calendar every 60 years, and each zodiac sign every 12 years.

This application will tell you whose Chinese zodiac sign you belong, but, very importantly, you will find out how this will mark your life and destiny, with whom are compatible and who you should stay away from. Find out all this now, click here!